Production: technology, innovation and precision

The production is developed in the modern structure of Almenno San Salvatore, while in the factories of Val Brembilla (Bergamo) the assembly works of complete units are done.

The production takes place on 24 hours cycle with the use of plants and constantly updated CNC machinery to new technologies and being able to develop the most complex machining.
The meticulous and efficient quality control constantly checks the production cycle with the most modern CNC measuring machines and sophisticated instrumentation. Dimensional production capacity is up to 2.100mm.

Horizontal and
Vertical turning

horizontal turning: swing over Ø820 bench, rotating diameter on the cross slide 560, turning length 2500 Vertical turning: Ø1400 × 1000

Universal 5-axis

Rides available up to X = 1800; Y = 2100; Z = 1250.

Milling and

Rides available up to Ø1400 × 1000.

Lapping for holes
and floors

Lapping machine for flat (piano Ø1000) and lapping machine for holes up to Ø350.

Cylindrical grinding inside
and outside

Center height 250 max length between centers 1600.


Travel up to 700 × 1600 and Ø1200 turntable.

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