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Cookies are used to improve the whole User’s browse. Mainly:

  • Allow the User to swipe efficiently from one page to another.
  • Save the Users name and others preferences expressed.
  • Allow to avoid the need to insert same informatiosn (such as User’s name and password) twice.
  • Measure the User’s use of the different services, to improve the browsing experience and the services themselves.
  • Have targeted advertising information according to the interests and behavior expressed by the User while browsing.

How can I avoid the retention of cookies on my device?
It will be necessary to set preferences on each browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari). There are several ways to handle cookies settings, for eaxample you can: enable or disable completely cookies; delete specific cookies that were previously recorded; block the saving of cookies on the device from specific websites; block cookies from third parties (while You browse on a website, the cookies of some other website can be tranferred to your device).

How can I delete/handle cookies on my device?
In case of doubts or concerns about the use of cookies, you can always stop their setting orreading, bu changing the privacy settings in your browser in order to block certain types or using the tool that is provided in this disclosure.
To delete cookies on Your device we invite You to consult these websites:

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Since the installation of cookies and other tracking systems operated by third parties through the services used inside this online space cannot be technically controlled by the holder, any specific reference to cookies and tracking systems operated by third parties must be considered just approximate. intended to be.To obtain full information, see the privacy policy of any third party servicesindicated in this document.

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Types of cookies
There are several types of cookies. Below are the cookie types that can be used in the site with a description of the use-related purposes..

Warning! The list may not be complete because of changes to the third-party services. Refer to the relevant Privacy Policy for more details.

Technical cookies
Cookies of this type are necessary for the proper functioning of certain areas of the site. Cookies in this category include both persistent cookies and session cookies. Without these cookies, the site, or some portions of it may not work properly. Therefore, they are always used, regardless of the user preferences. Cookies in this category are always sent from our domain.

Analytic cookies
Cookies of this type are used to collect information about the site. The Controller uses this information for statistical survey, to improve the site and simplify their use, as well as for monitoring correct operations. This type of cookie collects information FORM ANONYMOUS user activity on the site and the way in which they arrived at the site and the pages visited. Cookies in this category are sent from the site itself or by third-party domains.
Below is a list of third-parties services enabled on this site:

  • Google Analytics (Google Inc.) is used for counting visits to our website and for statistics on the use of the same. It serves to improve the service offered.
    In this Google Analytics it has been set to anonymize IP, so we can only see aggregated information, not specifics of your case. Privacy Policy – Opt Out
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